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In fact, some people don't even fucking believe her. Neil Sedaka really got down to the nitty gritty when he simply crooned, "Breaking up is hard to do. Milf yoga porn. Guys We Fucked, it's a family podcast! Corinne gives some advice to an aromantic teen. Krystyna hutchinson nude. At least two of these things are a problem. A serious plea from Krystyna. Dec 30 A serious plea from Krystyna.

When is an appropriate time to tell someone you have herpes? Sure, Krystyna's butt was bleeding all weekend, and Corinne now lives in a crack den, but the real issues on the tavern table this week are an insane Brazilian rape poll, snowballing, and how catty women are with one another.

Mar 24 Corinne reaches a masturbation milestone, Krystyna explains specifically what she means by "birth control makes me crazy" -- all just in a day's work here on the GuysWeFucked podcast. After spending the night dancing on tables and attempting bathroom sex in a straight-turned-gay bar to celebrate Alfie's From GWF Episode: After verbally ripping some online trolls a new asshole, the gals of Sorry About Last Night welcome this week's guest, professional singer LISA, who was nice enough to stop by while on tour with a band to talk about the important issues: After being barraged with a slew of E-mails and Tweets from other girls with guys just not that into them, Corinne feels Are you a bad friend if you can't find the right words after your gal pal gets molested?

Listen to this sexy episode and then let us know if you have what it takes to sexually satiate a Lisa. The Urban Dictionary defines 'Eskimo sisters' as "two women who have slept with the same man in their past". Naked reporter porn. Brought up in an Evangelical Christian home, Audrie and her boyfriend, John, recently dealt with an unwanted pregnancy. Much like a dick after a glass of whiskey, some of the fuckers have gone soft Advocating smelling your own piss.

Whether it has to do with fucking or not. Yury - "Growing Pains" http: Description Your parents think you're a whore. Hutchinson guides us through a vocal memoir that is part comedy, part drama, and all genuine with the heart and wisdom only a mother can have. This week, the women of S orry About Last Night welcome comedian JESSICA KIRSON to talk about how molestation can really put a damper on your fat camp experience, what a good sister does post "date" rape, compromise in a relationship, growing up with a therapist for a mom, anger, keeping things fresh with her wife and that dumb cunt Kim Davis.

Then the girls phone-a-fucker to give advice on dating after a twelve year relationship and what to do when you and your partner are in a fuck funk. Corinne Fisher, Krystyna Hutchinson Published: An episode that was supposed to investigate Veronica's history as a longtime gold digger takes more turns than a dreidel and has been deemed by the GWF audio engineer, Andy, as the best episode yet! May 04 Just listen.

Una Mey- "Such Is Love" https: Rip Van Dinkle and the Puzzlemaster both flew in from other parts of the country, drawn to a competition that would accept them as they are. Does Corinne remember her birthday party?

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Really, anything that's not mean. Sometimes all that matters is that you woke up naked next to Craig Mahoney. Tamron hall naked pics. Jun 03 While Corinne was losing her Waffle House virginity in her boyfriend's home state of Ohio, Krystyna was letting her areolas get some sun on a nude beach in New Jersey.

Jan 23 Not even a month into and already the Sorry About Last Night inbox is bursting with excitement! Janelle discusses what she learned from growing up under the rule of a hardworking, but abusive Bipolar father, her experiences as a Dominatrix, and her specific tastes in white and black men. Walrus - "Glam" https: On a worse note, a concerned fucker writes the girls about a nudie pic scandal that's sweeping the halls of Krystyna's alma mater and taking slut-shaming to a new low.

Wetwood Smokes - "Jojo" https: Denial, restraining orders, strangling, screaming, rape, roofies The ex-couple, current couple, and Corinne talk vanilla sex, hearing your ex make whoopie, intern-boss relations, and, of course, that pesky porn star who Stephen used to date Vara - "Break Down The Walls" - bit.

Given birth in a tub. Meanwhile, Krystyna is depressed about her first negative experience at a strip club after one of the strippers is hired to give her a lap dance and gives her a sob story instead. Krystyna hutchinson nude. What they DO need to know, however, is how the fuck do you shave something as seemingly delicate as a penis shaft? Corinne continues to excel at her favorite pastime: Sure, they've talked about jizz-in-the-face, rape fantasies, dropping tits on passed out comrades, and pissing on public floors, but it was their comical wish that Corinne's bang boo "be blacker" that stopped the record.

On today's episode, co-hosts Corinne Fisher PhilanthropyGal and Krystyna Hutchinson KrystynaHutch interview trans comedian JEENA BLOOM about telling your office you're transitioning, waiting until your parents die to come out, top surgery, dating app life with a lady dick, boner pills for girls, and why she hates being handled with kid gloves.

Oh, btw, we also talk about that time she was forced i nto sex trafficking. No, they can't believe it either.

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After spending a series of drunken, high Saturday nights last summer acting as Corinne's fuck buddy, Danny has a few souvenirs to talk about including a pair of panties and his self-proclaimed best joke. Description Oh, it's been an exciting week for the girls at Guys We Fucked, but don't you worry, they haven't gone big time just yet!

New York's former Attorney General slash women's rights "champion" abuses women, Amy Schumer feels pretty and also like she's more important than everyone else, spitting on a dick is much more difficult than it looks to be in porn, and the listeners have already slid into the ex's DMs.

Description You know them now, but what were Corinne and Krystyna doing for all that other time? Nevi Outlyr - "Voyage" https: Feb 26 Has your early 20s sex life gotten stale? Do you need to work on your 'don't hit on me' face? India has a booming men's rights movement and you can't force your girlfriend to look you in the eyes while you're fucking.

Nov 20 Oh, it's been an exciting week for the girls at Guys We Fucked, but don't you worry, they haven't gone big time just yet! Corinne caved and purchased her ex-boyfriend's TV appearance OnDemand. Mature nipples tumblr. Do anything fun this weekend? Corinne's emotional over an Instagram post, Krystyna has something weird above her butthole, and comedian BRENDAN SAGALOW stops by to talk about how his parents fucked him up, what it takes to have three women leave you for another man, opening the relationship to save it, and how fast he cums.

For full duo touring schedule, please visit www. Listen to this sexy episode and then let us know if you have what it takes to sexually satiate a Lisa. This week was full of fuckin' surprises. The three groundbreaking podcasters discuss age of consent, early sexual experiences, crawling around New Orleans on one's hands and knees, going through a polyamorous break-up, and what it's like to be gay in Kenya spoiler: Description Is our generation losing the ability to love?

Is 6 months enough time to be monogamous before embarking on a threesome? LeThug - "Pals" https: All these questions and more are answered during this can't-miss episode. Shwiggy "Write A Song" - http: The three comics discuss why Amy Schumer would hate Nikki's friends, what it's like living a life where you never have to ward off dicks, validation masturbation, the scrapey-ness o f an IUD, vaginal contraceptive film it's like a Listerine Pocket Pak for your pussywhy eating pussy is really just the same as sucking dick both r grossand how anal sex is basically just poop roulette.

Feed your pee-hole wit h chatter about fat girls, skinny girls, in-between girls, crazy girls, first dates, boob hair, leg hair, growing up Russian, miscommunication, emojis, a plethora of penis stuff Upstate - "Old Advice" https: Mar 10 Your parents think you're a whore.

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